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Farm mama Chelsey working with her children on her farm

A Farm Mama On A Mission

A farm mama on a mission? A mission to do what exactly? Often as mothers we feel like every small task is a mission. It’s a mission to put shoes on to get out on the farm. It’s a mission to get everyone breakfast after chores without a meltdown. It’s a mission to do even the simplest tasks it sometimes seems. But what if we changed our perspective? What if every small tedious task was a gift to have the children involved? After all, there’s nothing better than when you see something “click” in a child’s mind for the first time.

Over the last few months, the FarmHerd has had the pleasure of getting to know a farm mama who didn’t change her goals or everyday routine when she started having children. Instead she immersed them into her family farm at a very young age and hasn’t looked back. Meet Chelsey, the face and creator behind Oh That’s Chelsey!

Farm mama Oh That's Chelsey sitting on a John Deere sprayer

The Family Farm

Chelsey (the fancy farmer) describes herself in a nutshell as a sixth generation farmer and rancher who shares how food comes from families, with kids on her hip, while living on borrowed money & Kyle (her husband) time.

Like I said, a nutshell because Chelsey’s story is so much more impressive and inspiring than those few words can describe.

Chelsey was born and raised on the farm/ranch with two brothers and supportive parents. One thing was that was always clear from Chelsey’s parents is there will always a place for each child on the farm. At one point, all three children were working at the family farm. Now, she works alongside one brother, her parents and her children in tow.

Something most often don’t realize about Chelsey’s farm and ranch is that her husband doesn’t work on it (except in extremely busy times). And it’s not his side of the family who farms.

Farm mama Chelsey driving a semi on her farm

Diversified Farm and Ranch

Chelsey’s farm is extremely diversified. Together, they farm corn, soybeans, oats, and pinto beans while also running commercial cow-calf and feedlot operations in North Dakota. Her husband owns his own business too.

But Chelsey’s career didn’t originally start on the farm. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics in only two and a half years, she began to climb the corporate ladder at a local dealer group. She found this time in her career extremely beneficial. It showed her that agriculture is so much more than just the producers; it truly takes all of us.

After a few years of working in corporate agriculture, Chelsey felt a pull back to the farm. She was ready to create a family and have her own legacy. And her grandparents were retiring around the same time too.

This was a simple transition in the beginning because she was already growing her own herd and helping her parents on the side because of her full-time job’s flexibility. Fast forward about one year into being on the farm, and her child first child was born.

A Hands on Farm Mama

At five weeks old, Chelsey started bringing her oldest child out on the job with her. At first, the kid to adult ratio made it easier. Now, Chelsey has three children which makes it a little harder to manage. But she believes hard doesn’t equate to bad.

But as we all know…

Farming is hard.

Ranching is hard.

And raising kids is hard.

Doing all three at the same time is even harder. And again, hard doesn’t mean bad. Absolutely the hardest, yet most rewarding endeavor she’s ever taken on. Bringing three kids to work all day, everyday is magic for her. Hard, but still magic.

Family holding there children next to a John Deere combine on the farm

Their joy and wonder found in the world is up considerably while their efficiency is regularly challenged. For Chelsey, the real magic of being a farm mama is being able to see “it” click in their minds. And she finds it absolutely incredible to be there while they actively participate in life around them. Her children have seen the miracle of life together. They understand how sweet it is because they have also navigated death as a family.

Another huge lesson for her kids on the farm is resilience. After three tough years of crop disasters, having a child on the farm reminded them what is truly important and the example they set everyday. No matter what they have each other. And together, they will pull through and find solutions!

The foundation she continues to pour into her children is priceless. It couldn’t be found anywhere else. And her decision to submerge her children into her lifestyle, while harder, is the most rewarding part of her job.

Farm mama Chelsey holding her baby in a carrier on the farm in front of a John Deere combine

Oh That’s Chelsey

Besides, her roles as a farmer, rancher, wife and mother, Chelsey is multifaceted and takes on one more role. She is a creator with a large following on social media called Oh That’s Chelsey.

For Chelsey, this is a heart project that she feels called to share. There’s no way she could ever give it up, no matter how time consuming. Because it is her way to show more consumers her side of production agriculture and to be a friend to those in agriculture.

With beautiful imagery and videos, helpful tips and encouraging content, you will love her pages! Expect to talk about it all – generational family business, working with kids, multiple entrepreneurial ventures, money, marriage & where your food is grown!

While her content may appear effortless, it takes a significant amount of time to produce and put out in the world. But as always, Chelsey is forever grateful for the experience and does not take it for granted. She is thankful for the connection it provides to people she would have never met otherwise.

#WomenInAg is one of her favorite ways to meet other woman who prove everyday that agriculture is about people, not gender.

Chelsey’s call to connection started at a young age observing her father in the meat department at the grocery store striking up conversations with consumers to be a resource on what they are buying. Her parents modeled to her how to be an advocate and to always speak from a place of positivity, staying on the offensive.

She finds coming to her comments section with positivity and by giving the benefit of the doubt helps guide conversations in a positive way.

Happy Mother’s Day

After really getting to know Chelsey, that’s one thing that always shines through: positivity. Whether she is talking about her family, farming, ranching, being a mother or her social media presence, her attitude and drive are genuine and uplifting.

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches this weekend, I encourage you to approach other women with the same bright positivity Chelsey showcases everyday. We know everything you do is hard, mamas. But hard doesn’t mean bad and you are making a difference for generations to come just like Chelsey!

Farm mama Chelsey stands with her son on a John Deere combine

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  1. Cheering you all on from Wisconsin! Keep up to good work. History tells us strong farms mean a strong nation. Stay safe and healthy, and keep lighting up the fields with your charisma!

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