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Chandra and Hannah stand in a field at their family farm in Vermont.

From Fields to Pizza: A Mother-Daughter Farming Duo

Vermont is full of FarmHers as diverse as the land that they work. Chandra and Hannah are no exception, farming and feeding people in their community as a mother-daughter duo. Chandra started as the FarmHer in the field before her daughter Hannah came home to farm. Now, Hannah grows the vegetables, and Chandra creates the farm fresh pizza creations from her produce!  

Our trip to Vermont led us over the river and through the woods to the quaint Field Stone Farm. There, we met Chandra and her daughter Hannah, both FarmHers in their own right. Chandra started the farm years ago, growing a small amount of vegetables for a community supported agriculture (CSA) project. As the farm grew and changed, the FarmHer needs changed, too. 

Hannah and some of the Field Stone Farm employees pick crops in the field.

Chandra had pushed both of her daughters to try a least one internship on a farm during their college years. It turns out that was a good push because both of them now spend their days in the field and keep their hands in the dirt. Chandra’s daughter Hannah returned home and took over the farming portion of Field Stone Farm. Chandra then launched the next project, on-farm, wood oven fired pizza.  

Fresh, Quality and Sustainable Produce

We started where all food starts, out at the farm. Hannah showed us around, explaining that they follow a routine of caring for the land call regenerative agriculture. Their focus is to put as much carbon into the soil as possible and keep it there. They grow a wide variety of crops organically, and like all farmers, give care and concern to each one. From the scallions and carrots, to the unique greens, it was easy to see that Hannah gives a lot of love to her veggies. We even stopped to try a salad turnip fresh from the field. From the first bite, we were hooked. Food fresh from the field is as tasty as it gets!

Hannah smiles, holding salad turnips fresh out of the field at their Vermont farm.

Farm to Wood-Fired Oven Pizza

Next up, we followed the veggies from the field into the kitchen. Our noses led us inside where we found Chandra tossing her homemade pizza dough to get it ready for the farm fresh veggie toppings. That day, her creations included a broccoli raab, kalmata olive and feta cheese pizza pie, as well as a basil, pesto and roasted red pepper pizza pie. 

Farm fresh veggie pizza comes hot out of the oven in Vermont.

The assembly line of all women working at the farm threw together the thoughtful creations before they went into the outdoor oven. After just a few minutes at 750 degrees in the toasty oven, the pizzas were done and ready to cool. Hundreds of pizzas later, they finished by packaging and getting them ready for delivery to local cooperatives, food delivery companies and more.  

Chandra places a pizza in the wood-fire oven.

We loved watching this mother-daughter FarmHer duo living out their dreams of growing food to sustain themselves and their community. Their home and farm set in the sprawling mountains of Vermont was as picturesque as it was productive – from field to pizza!

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