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A woman standing on land with trees.

Conserving and Preserving the Land Through Sustainability

When your back yard consists of your farm and bodies of water, being a great steward of the land is top of mind. Casey Cox is the sixth generation FarmHer living on her family’s farm in South Georgia. 

How Water Impacts the Land

In agriculture and farming, we don’t always think of water first, but without water, there is no life. Casey Cox is a woman in agriculture who is just as passionate about the water as she is about the land.

Visiting Casey through a FarmHer Lens

I met Casey on a driveway that led into their farm, Long Leaf Ridge. We then jumped into her truck and started the day out at one of the most important places in the world to her, the Flint River. It runs through the family’s property and is the lifeblood not only for their farm but for the region, carrying clean water, providing recreation, and giving life. 

Woman in canoe floating down river surrounded by land with trees.

Next stop, the sweet corn field! When we arrived, crews were harvesting the corn and preparing to ship the corn to stores across the country. 

Farm land used as a corn field.

Planting Peanuts

Along with sweet corn, Casey’s family also raises the crop that Georgia is known for, peanuts! The plants had recently been inverted and were laying out in the red dirt, drying and waiting to be picked. Casey and I tried a few of the fresh nuts….while good, I think I will stick to the roasted ones! 

Woman standing on farm land used for growing peanuts.

We then continued on to Casey’s very favorite spot – the forest of Long Leaf pines. It was easy to see her love of the forest and the trees as we drove beneath the towering pines. As she drove, Casey explained to me that the forest we were in was one of the most bio-diverse environments in the country and it’s important for farmers like her to care for not only their farmland but the environment around them as they all flow together.  

The river and forest are where Casey was born, raised and where she came back home to. While she never expected to live in a house right there in those woods as an adult and become a FarmHer, she is doing just that. She is a young woman with passion and spirit and is spreading that to those around her, advocating for agriculture and water right there at home, on the Flint River.  

Green leaves and pine cones.

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  10. Hi my name is waylon logue and i am replying from Areys 3-odd health class
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