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Here are the three sisters that formed Triple E Equine in Nebraska.

Horses and Hotels on a Nebraska Farm

What do you get when you take a Nebraska farm, a loving family and three determined young FarmHers? Mini donkeys, horses and place to rest your hooves and boots! That’s exactly what sisters Emily, Hanah and Sarah Eberspacher have done at Triple E Equine.

For the Love of Horses

The Eberspacher sisters grew up on the family farm in Beaver Crossing, Nebraska riding horses. They all fell in love with the animals and the lifestyle from a young age. All three girls were homeschooled, which allowed them to travel the country competing with their horses in shows. They didn’t realize it at the time, but they were also building what would be the basis for their future Nebraska entrepreneurial endeavor – Triple E Equine, a Nebraska farm that opens their doors as hotels for both horses and their owners.  

The Eberspacher sister discuss their business together at Triple E Equine.

From Devastation to Dreams Come True

A devastating F3 tornado hit the Eberspacher’s property in 2014, causing widespread damage and even killing two of their beloved horses. The tornado spared their home, but destroyed part of the barn and the entire riding arena. When they rebuilt, the family added on a bunkhouse to the riding arena. At the time, they weren’t sure how they would use it. Emily went off to college at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, where she entered into the Engler Entrepreneurship program. Through her time in the program, Emily came up with the idea to turn their bunkhouse and arena into a horse hotel. She started making a business plan and getting all of the pieces in place to launch their business. With her younger sisters at her side, the girls jumped into the saddle and haven’t stopped since.

Nebraska’s Triple E Equine Farm

We pulled into the Ebersbacher farm, and were greeted by a pack of friendly farm dogs – literally. A storm was rolling in from the west, so we quickly hit the ground running to start the daily chores. All three girls have a common love for quirky animals, livestock auctions and Instagram. They call in their funny farm – and fun is what they truly have each day doing what they love.

Chores started with Sarah giving a bottle to a tiny calf. From there, we crossed through a pasture and stopped to visit a few miniature donkeys, one of which was just a baby! There was a mixture of other cattle out in the pasture, but we had our sights set on one animal in particular – Brand, the water buffalo. Now, this was the first time we had ever been around a water buffalo, and Brand did not disappoint. He was as calm and cool as a cucumber, posing for pictures and enjoying his head scratches from his doting owners. The girls picked him up at a livestock sale because they just had to have him. He is the star of the show on their farm Instagram account.

Emily, Hanah and Sarah Eberspacher sit with Brand, their water buffalo.

Nebraska Sisters in Action

As we started heading in from the pasture, the skies opened up and the rain began. We made a run for the barn, only slightly soaked once we were inside. In the barn, the girls didn’t skip a beat and got back to the chores. Sarah picked up a broom and had the walkways cleaned before we even knew it. Sarah loves the kids that take riding lessons, showing them around when they find their way to the farm. She just started her years at the University of Nebraska also, but makes it home to the farm regularly. She showed off that love of teaching kids when she invited Marji’s daughter to ride a horse. It was Ava’s first time ever riding a horse, and she was super excited!

Sarah Eberspacher helps a student up on a horse for lessons.

On the other end of the barn, Hanah greeted a young woman who brought her horse in to work on riding form. Hanah saddles up her horse, and the two head out to the riding arena to get to work. Hanah is a horse lover, and is really focused on working on growing the operation. While her sisters work, Emily explains that she lives a few hours away with her soon-to-be husband on his family’s ranch. She manages the business side of Triple E Equine from there, focusing on the marketing end of things. 

A Hotel for Two & Four-Legged Friends

Triple E Equine’s business consists of a few different parts. First and foremost is the Triple E bunkhouse where visitors can stop and rest their boots and hooves.  Now, this isn’t just any old bunkhouse. The inside is beautifully finished with a spacious bathroom, two bedrooms, massive kitchen and even a living room. While the horse owners stay in the bunkhouse, their horses can also rest in one of the barn stalls, in the wide-open arena or out on pasture. The farm is just a few miles off of I-80 so it’s convenient to access for travelers driving through from across the nation.

Triple E Equine is located right off of I-80 in Nebraska.

The other portions of the business include training horses, and buying and selling horses for other people. The years the girls spent in the horse show circuit built a network of other horse enthusiasts, and that has helped their business grow and flourish today. While the girls credit their business growth in part to that network, it is easy to see that this family loves what they do and loves to spend time together. They welcome their guests with open arms, a smile on their face and a comfortable place to rest.

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5 thoughts on “Horses and Hotels on a Nebraska Farm

    1. The girls at Triple E Equine are fantastic horsewomen with a beautiful spirit and heart for animals and people. Can’t wait to make a reservation at their bunkhouse!

  1. I liked this story because I really love horses and have since I was little. I learned that when things get tough, like when the tornado came by, you have to stand up and keep going. I think this is important because young people need to understand that things are tough and it gets better but you have to push through it.

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