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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Version 2.0_1-2-17

How can I join FarmHer?

Following FarmHer through media outlets is the best way to stay in touch! The team works to share stories of women in agriculture, so make sure to share your stories with FarmHer on social media as well! Follow on social media, sign up for the mailing list, and engage on social media. Watch the TV show on RFD-TV or listen to the radio show on Rural Radio channel 147 on Sirius XM.  We also hope to see you at an event in the near future.

What does FarmHer do with my information such as name, address, birth date, etc?

We use the information you share with us to understand our audience and continue to create information and content that is relevant and useful.  We do promise not to ever share your information with a third party.  We may, from time to time, send a message on behalf of a Vendor to our audience.  The Vendor will never be given your information.  Please see our entire Privacy Policy for all of the details on what we do with your information and how we keep it safe.

What happened to my FarmHer Community account?

As FarmHer has evolved over the past 4 years, many things have changed, but one still remains the same and that is our goal of connecting and empowering the women of agriculture by sharing their stories.  The FarmHer Online Community was created to connect women with each other online.  Since then we have watched your participation and listened to your requests and feedback of how you are looking to be a part of the Farmher journey and connect with other women.  Starting in January 2018 we will be retiring the FarmHer Online Community to focus our efforts on connecting with you on other platforms.” While the online community is no longer available, we invite you to connect with us FarmHer through our regular blogs, social media, TV and Radio Shows, podcasts, merchandise and events.

How can I sign up to have FarmHer take pictures and film me or someone I know?

If you are interested in signing up to potentially be a FarmHer photography subject and to share your story through one of our platforms, please complete our “Suggest a FarmHer” form, here. Please know that not everyone who is nominated will be photographed, interviewed or filmed, due to time and location. If the crew is in your area and is interested in visiting, they will contact you.

I have a question for FarmHer, how can I submit that?

You can send any questions or comments to us at [email protected].  A member of the FarmHer team will respond shortly!