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Fresh Produce Matters To Create a Healthy Community

Danelle and I had crossed paths before back to the beginning of FarmHer.  I had spent a day with just her and my camera, photographing the produce she was harvesting, including bright yellow peppers and juicy tomatoes.  My second visit was on a similarly hot day but so much more was different.  Danelle has grown the produce farm and her customer base over the last decade, learning a lot along the way. 

When I arrived at One Farm with my daughter in tow, we were greeted by two cute little farm kitties….the perfect thing to keep her busy while I went to work. 

White and black kitten walking through produce at One Farm.

Photographing Fresh Produce

I found Danelle out in the field, harvesting alongside one of the workers she employs.  They were picking a variety of produce, filling up their baskets with fresh food.  Up and down each row they went and I followed along, photographing under the bright mid-day sunshine.  

After the daily harvest was finished we went up to a washing station and then into the packing shed.  There Danelle carefully weighed the produce, getting it all ready for the customers to enjoy. 

Fresh tomatoes in a black box ready for farmers market.

Fresh For All

The last step in the process was to follow her into the walk-in cooler, making sure the veggies are as fresh as possible for days to come.  

Danelle Myer standing in produce field.

I love Danelle’s take on farming and life.  One Farm pulls together so many things she is passionate about farming, physical work, cooking, and good food, and family.  Danelle believes every little thing matters and is living out that passion and philosophy through her One Farm.

As Danelle puts it, “one step, one new venture, one person, one small brave act can transform your life, your health, and your general attitude and well-being.”  One farm is one step and one FarmHer I am so happy to have crossed paths with!

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  1. hello, I liked this because she helped her workers that pick the food and I like the kitten picture it’s adorable.

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