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Women of color who are farmers and raise food

It’s Time to Act, Together

Over the recent days I have been watching, reading and listening. I’ve struggled to find the right words as I watched a revolution unfold. 

I am a firm believer that while words are important, action matters infinitely more.   I’ve thought about how I can act differently, how I can better teach my kids to do better, and about how I can help others in my community move towards needed change.  

This reflection has allowed me to see some things very clearly.

Bringing FarmHers Together

We must stand up, together.  FarmHer lives within the culture of agriculture.  I have said it 100 times if not 1000, agriculture is a culture and like every culture, it needs diversity to thrive.  Diversity in color, gender, geography, age, thought, size…diversity in everything.  This is our culture and it is on all of us to stand up and speak out against all types of racism.  

We must act, together.  Each and every one of us has the unique ability to create change.  FarmHer was founded on the belief that we can change minds and hearts by showing the strong, smart, hard working, EPIC women who work to grow our food. 

In seven short years of FarmHer we have seen women are claiming the title, standing up for themselves, being counted, being recognized and sharing their stories in a greater way than ever before in this industry.  That uprising includes women of color. 

Stand Up Together

I woke up yesterday morning with the beginning of a plan of action.  I immediately joined the National Black Farmers Association and made a donation. 

I encourage you to consider joining and donating to an organization that supports black farmers and growers.  There are others out there including the Black Growers Council and Black Urban Growers.

I look forward to connecting with them, learning through them and doing what I can to help lift their voice through FarmHer. 

I also made a commitment to myself and to the FarmHer brand to tell more stories about FarmHers of color.  This matters not just for us, but for all of you watching and listening. 

By showing more women of color in our imagery, we have the ability to help others realize the importance and strength they bring.  We also have the ability to help them join together in community and rise up.

Diverse stories are one small step towards change.  If you or someone you know is a FarmHer of color and has a story to tell, please let us know, here.

Agriculture, stand with us. 

Speak up when you see something unjust.

Share the images and stories.

Make a donation.

Get out of your comfort zone and work to understand the issue at hand and the role you play in it.

Stand up, together. 

5 thoughts on “It’s Time to Act, Together

  1. Thank you. Glad to know farmher is inclusive. We were created a diverse people, in many ways, such richnes co es to our liveswhen we embrace one another!

  2. My admiration for the passion of your work (promoting women in agriculture) just grew to a new level of respect. Kudos!

  3. Very well spoken. I circle around to the original idea of FarmHer. There are many unique and beautiful women working in all aspects of agriculture. Highlight their story and there is no racism in that.We are a country built by every nationality and race. It is time to come together.

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