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A FarmHer event

Connection Is Key: Be Bold with FarmHer

The secret is out and we are so excited to gather back together for the first FarmHer post-pandemic event, Be Bold by FarmHer presented by Nationwide on May 20, 2022, at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny, Iowa. One of the main goals of GatHering (do you see what I did there?) is to rekindle connection. Connection seemed to be somewhat lost during the pandemic times. What better to kick off post-pandemic celebrations than connecting with my favorite people: YOU! So what is happening at Be Bold? Why we are passionate about gathering back together? And how you can still be surrounded by other inspiring women by joining our event virtually too? I connected and discussed it with a familiar face, Krista Soda!

Krista Soda with Nationwide and her work with FarmHer

Krista is one of our favorite friends at Nationwide and a chair member of our event board. An event lover and social butterfly herself, she was the perfect fit to help with the Be Bold planning and execution.

Like many people I know in the FarmHer universe, Krista wears several hats. At Nationwide, she does communication for the leadership team AND is the leader of the Women in Ag group.

A Relationship Connecting Women in Ag

My FarmHer relationship with Nationwide started several years ago when I was asked to speak at one of the monthly Women in Ag meetings Krista leads. From there, I knew I wanted to work with their organization. Their pride and passion for women in the agriculture industry is evident, just like ours at FarmHer. The relationship is so fun!

Speaking of fun things, events! We used to produce events regularly. Just like we constantly talk about, several events a year was not sustainable for our brand. After a short pause starting conveniently right before the pandemic, we are ready to jump back in! Our brand has grown exponentially digitally, but one thing was missing: CONNECTION!

Sustaining Our Brand

One event is completely sustainable for us and we knew we wanted it to BE BOLD! Luckily, Nationwide decided to be our presenting sponsors.

Now, here we are about a month away.

At FarmHer, we truly pride ourselves on the ability we have to connect and inspire the FarmHer in each of us. So it was an easy fit to focus on both inspiration and connection at our Be Bold event.

What’s Going On At Be Bold

One thing you can always count on at FarmHer events is powerhouse women. We’re kicking off our event with exactly one of those type of women: Lexi Marek-Beeler. A FarmHer favorite, she was my first employee and the first person Krista interacted with at FarmHer. Lexi is one of those people who is connected to everyone in agriculture. Lexi will light up the room and we’re pumped to have her MC at Be Bold.

Marji Guyer-Alaniz and Lexi Marek-Beeler at a FarmHer event together

Then, I will be your keynote speaker. For me, it’s all about the pause that happened in 2020. Between the pandemic, family death, and turning 40, everything changed. And I can’t wait to reflect back on that and tell you a little more about me.

I know change is hard. But change is necessary. And I’ll be digging deep into myself for the keynote.

Breakout Sessions to Connect with Your Soul

Next, we’ll break it down into three different sessions.

  1. Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone, Nakita Hemingway. Nakita is a flower FarmHer, realtor and is now running for office in Georgia. After 30 seconds of knowing her, she inspires and challenges you.
  2. Digging Deep: Lessons in finding your path in any organization, Marji Guyler Alaniz, Emily Berrier (Nationwide), Shannon Hauf (Bayer). All of us are woman leaders in the professional part of the agriculture industry who have climbed the ladder. In this breakout, we will be discussing the barriers women have and how diversity in thought benefits everyone in the workplace.
  3. Mental Health Matters, Adrienne DeSutter. Adrienne was featured on our podcast and she is a mental health professional who married a farmer. After seeing many mental health issues including suicide within her community, she knew it was time to start discussing mental health on the farm. Such an important topic our team could not skip over at this event!

The PowHer Panel

Last but certainly not least on our list of speakers is our PowHer Panel featuring Rosalind Fox, Peggy Coffeen, and April Hemmes. These empowering women will not disappoint!

A woman standing at a FarmHer event

Then, we will round out with a GatHer function sponsored by Bayer where you can network with other women and most importantly, shop our new FarmHer arrivals and exclusive Be Bold merchandise. At the GatHer portion, a special SURPRISE guest will be joining us. And let’s just say she has a need for speed.


So now that you have all the details, REGISTER!

If you can’t make it to Iowa, don’t forget our event will be available virtually too. And you can still connect from the comfort of your own home by gathering your gal pals, coworkers, family, etc.

We can’t wait to Be Bold with all of you! None of this would be possible without amazing FarmHers and our awesome friends at Nationwide. You make good things happen. See you May 20th!


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