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Farm Fit Momma Amanda Nigg with her farm family

Fitness Fueling a FarmHer on Her Darkest Days

In 2020, life changed for all of us, but for Amanda Nigg’s farm family, it hit different. The shock of being homeless and losing all of their belongings was not something they planned on taking on the first day of the global pandemic shutdown. But some cinder blocks and fitness social media posts completely changed it around.

Meet Amanda Nigg, or commonly known as Farm Fit Momma. She’s the mastermind behind Farm Fit Training. She teaches farmers everywhere that their farm yard is a gym in itself. It just requires a little creativity.

Farm fitness moving tires

Farm Fitness Training Business

But every business has a background story. And this one had its fair share of challenges. Let’s rewind back to Amanda’s college days.

She actually flunked out of college her freshman year. Determination is something this FarmHer always possessed and was told she had to petition to come back. After being accepted back in, she became a 4.0 student. This experience was one of her first life lessons. Little did she know, there were many more coming.

Once she was back on track, Amanda graduated with a degree in Radiation Therapy and moved to South Dakota, but that wasn’t quite right either.

She lasted two months and decided to take a step back. In the meantime, she started selling farm insurance door to door. And this ended up being her jam. In fact it was her jam for 11 years.

And that’s where she met her husband.

She married into a fifth generation corn and soybean farm family. Together, they built their dream home and began raising their two sons. It was all coming together, but in an instant, it was falling apart.

The day before the country went on lockdown for the global pandemic, Amanda’s life went up in flames… literally. Their home, their belongings, their everything, GONE. Not to mention, selling insurance door to door was not possible because of the pandemic.

Farm Fitness Helping with Mental Health

Amanda’s mental health hit an all time low.

Gyms were closed, but her husband noticed her struggling and knew things had to change. It was only up from here!

His creativity brought farm and fitness together. He encouraged Amanda to use fitness as her “me time”. She instantly felt a difference and began sharing her mental health transformation online. This created a safe community for others to come to in an uncertain time.

She kicked off her online fitness journey with free challenges hoping to inspire others. Next thing she knew, over 800 people were participating in her daily challenges. She realized this could be a business opportunity.

Soon Amanda was a budding businesswoman. Learning how to do it through a mentoring program and getting certified as a fitness trainer. It immediately
took off with over 25 clients in two weeks. Some clients she coaches are even international!

So why is Amanda’s fitness program so popular?

She’s a farm wife. She understands work isn’t 9 to 5 for farm families. She understands what farmers are going through and creates the perfect program to work alongside their career in agriculture. Both mentally and physically.

Fitness Coaching for Farmers

Amanda offers one on one coaching and it’s all online. She’s there for you each and every day, making sure you have the proper form and utilize your surroundings.

Participation in Amanda’s one-on-one coaching is limited, but she has launched other fitness programs. And the most recent one came with a BIG supporter!

She had the idea to create a workout using her friend’s product called “The Warbell”. BUT, she really wanted it to be painted John Deere Green.

And for that she needed the company’s permission. She reached out and two weeks later they came back and said they would like to sponsor the campaign.

Farm Fit Training tool in John Deere green

Amanda’s success with these programs highlights how much the agriculture community was in need of a leader like her. Without a tragic turn of events, she may have never been discovered. If her house didn’t burn down, she wouldn’t be here. All things happen for a reason and it turned out for the best. Not only did she help others, but she saved her own mental health. Her purpose fell into her lap.

A Leader in Farm Fitness

This Farm Fit Momma came out of the ashes using fitness as an outlet and teaching others to do the same, creating a better agriculture community along the way.

Watch Amanda’s full episode here!


2 thoughts on “Fitness Fueling a FarmHer on Her Darkest Days

  1. Incredible journey for this woman. I watched Amanda work through the loss of their home and over the last 2 years, finding her way to put it all back together. She’s a force, physically and mentally…very proud of her.

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