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Farmers showing each other love

For the Love of the Farm

Tucked away into the gently rolling hills of southern Maryland sits Robin Hill Vineyard and Farm.  As I pulled in the drive on a sunny spring morning I was met by the sounds of sheep and goats. And the friendly face of FarmHers Shelby Watson Hampton and Susan Watson White.  The two women, niece and aunt respectively, are behind the farm’s newest venture, a vineyard and winery made with love.  

Love and Livestock

We start out the morning with what Susan describes as her favorite part: feeding the livestock.  Just a few goats and sheep and an odd but friendly Canadian goose who has decided this is his home too, run out to meet Susan.  With everyone there fed, we head up to the ducks and chickens.  Though I’m generally not a fan of birds, Susan’s ducks were super cute. Almost (but not quite) cute enough to hold.  

Woman on a farm with a Canadian goose

From there we headed down to the wedding barn. 

A Venue Housing Love Stories

The women explained to me that a few years back they decided to repurpose an old barn into a wedding venue.  The farm has been in their family for three generations now. And the land surrounding the home place is filled with the homes of many family members.  Susan’s mother and father purchased the farm back in the 50’s. Through the years they operated it as an agritourism destination and greenhouse operation.  They raised their children on the farm. And those children raised their children there, creating a sense of family around the farm that is truly unique.  In 2005 when Susan’s father passed away unexpectedly, Susan stepped in, running the greenhouse operations. 

In the years that followed the transition started to become a wedding venue. And open the farm back up to the public.  Then, when Susan’s niece, Shelby voiced her desire to continue to be a part of the farm, the women put their heads together and started the newest venture with the wedding barn and vineyard.  Along with their husbands, they planted vines. Then they invested in additions to the older buildings to create a winery on site as well. 

In October of 2017, they opened the tasting room and were off and running.  

Wedding barn venue chandelier

Wine Lovers

From the wedding barn, the women headed out to the vineyard to prune the vines with their husbands.  There I learned the intricacies of pruning the delicate vines, preparing them to bear the best and most fruit possible.  

A woman pruning her vineyard

Shelby’s grandma still lives in the homeplace, and is clearly the heart of the farm.  She prepared us a delicious lunch before we headed back across the farm for a tour of the winery, run by Susan’s husband, Bob.   They built the winery in an old existing tobacco barn, modernizing the building to be outfitted to make the delicious wines. 

From there, we ended the day in the tasting room, trying out (and loving) the fruits of their labor.

Robin Hill Vineyard and Farm is a true labor of love for Shelby and Susan and their entire family.  Throughout the day both women spoke with love about their family, and the importance of the farm in keeping that family together.  Bound by those ties, they are setting their own new path to not only keep the farm going, but making it thrive.  Together they bring a zest for life, a love of family and a lot of southern Maryland charm to everyone they touch with their delicious wines.  Shelby and Susan are FarmHers at heart.

Watch Shelby and Susan’s full episode now!

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