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Sara Wyant, creator of Agri-Pulse and media journalist standing on her century farm.

Media and Agriculture: Two Passions That Work Together

As we all know, everybody eats, and all food starts at the farm. As we continue the conversation around farming and all of its complexity, I wanted to highlight a side of agriculture we don’t often hear about: Media. We all rely on media to break down the subject of agriculture and inform ourselves and others. Media can teach farmers how to effectively and efficiently get our food from farm to table. When I think of agriculture media, one name comes immediately to mind: Sara Wyant. She is a pioneer for all women, not only in agriculture but also in the media industry. 

Discussing Agriculture Politics Around the Dinner Table

With agriculture running through her veins, Sara was born into a farm family in the rolling hills of eastern Iowa. From corn and soybeans to cows and hogs, her family covered multiple commodities. Her favorite part of being a FarmHer was discussing the politics and policies around farming with her dad. Thankfully, her involvement on the farm didn’t stop when her career started in college at Iowa State University. 

Sara Wyant and sibling sitting on a Massey Ferguson 300 tractor on their family farm.

Media and Farming Make a Great Career Fit

She graduated with a degree in Journalism and Political Science. After college, she landed her first job working for Wallace’s Farmer magazine. Fast forward a few years, Sara went back to the same company to oversee 28 magazines. That experience put a new idea in her head, and she launched Agri-Pulse as a fully digital publication. 

Moving Media To Digital

Agri-Pulse is now the largest online agriculture media publication taking a holistic approach to covering current agriculture, food, and energy policy news. It is her mission to keep all producers current on agricultural and food policy decisions being made in our country.

While managing publications, she always kept up to date with her family farm. From explaining new policies or technology to helping out when she could, Sara enjoyed talking with her parents about the farm. 

A Century Farm

Now the farm has been in her family for over a century, and Sara owns it. The land is rented to two tenants. While Sara lives a few states away, she still feels close to the land. Her number one priority for her family farm is keeping it in good hands. She works with the tenants and uses her knowledge from her childhood and media to help things run smoothly.

Sara Wyant proudly standing on her century family farm.

But it hasn’t always been easy. Being a woman in agriculture has its challenges. Sara breaks barriers by surrounding herself with other strong women in the field and proving her value as a writer to the agriculture industry every day. Without other women who inspired her, she would not be where she is today.

In fact, diversity for all is at the forefront of her mind. Recently, she released an article that discusses why the agriculture industry is not looking more racially diverse, despite gender diversity progress. She encourages all businesses to create a culture that makes others feel welcome in the workplace, and in the agriculture industry in general.

A Pioneer for All

Sara is proof that a woman in agriculture can do anything she puts her mind to. Not only does her legacy continue with her land, but also by the journalism she writes every day. By sticking to her roots and staying strong as a woman, she is a pioneer for everyone.

Green crops starting to slowly grow from an Iowa field.

Everybody Eats 

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We all eat, and that is why farming will always matter.  Everybody Eats is where the stories of food and farming intersect.  

These stories told through my FarmHer lens connect us to our food and more importantly, the people behind it.  

Everybody Eats is a collection of stories of those who protect our rural communities, who grow our food with extraordinary care, and who provide support, education, and assistance to make sure Everybody Eats. 


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