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Jami Loecker, problem solver and Agronomy Manager for Syngenta standing in a field in Kansas.

Problem Solving For One Grower At a Time

Jami Loecker has always had a knack for problem-solving.  Early on in life, she spent a lot of time with her dad. Seeing him work in agriculture and ultimately helping to solve growers’ problems led to her career path.  She now works in agriculture herself with a passion for solving growers’ problems.

Jami grew up in Kansas with a solid understanding of agriculture, through her dad’s work.  She went to Kansas State University for undergraduate and graduate school. 

Jami Loecker, Agronomy Manger for Syngenta standing in a field in Kansas.

Life Changes That Call For Problem Solving

During that time, Jami learned some difficult but valuable lessons that she has carried with her throughout her career.  While in grad school both of Jami’s parents passed away, she got married and had her first child.  Once she graduated she knew she needed to take a little bit of time to get her feet under her. 

Sometimes you have to put a pause on the goals or dreams you are chasing to get reset.  It’s just a little detour. And having the self-awareness to know this and give herself space at a young age is impressive.  During that time Jami also learned the value of a solid support system, which she had in her husband.

The Syngenta Solution

She started her career and then began working for Syngenta

Within a few years, she had progressed into the role of an Agronomist, which is where she ultimately was headed for.  Through her years as an agronomist in Kansas with Syngenta, she has the unique and important opportunity to help growers across the state understand their crop protection products, manage their risk, and solve their problems. 

Recently Jami has stepped a little higher on the ladder, taking on the role of Agronomy Manager across a Midwest region.  She now has a team of agronomists spread across a number of states.  

Jami Loecker, Agronomy Manager for Syngenta loading products in her building.

The support she has at home has been invaluable in helping her build her career.  From early on when it was just her husband to today they have her kids at home as well.  When we talked about how she balances it, I was really encouraged to hear her share that while she can’t always shake the mom guilt that so many of us are plagued by, she alleviates it by making sure her kids were part of her decision making about the new position.  By including them, they better understand where she is going so she has that much more support cheering her on from home.

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  1. My cousin Martin would be so proud of Jami and her accomplishments. She has done well at her job and raising her two kids.

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