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Woman standing in soybean field right before harvest.

Sustaining a Farm Legacy: We’re Only Promised Today

FarmHers know sustainability means something different in all aspects of life. For Kasey Bamberger, third-generation Bryant Ag Owner in southwest Ohio, it’s sustaining her business, self, and family legacy. That legacy started generations ago with her great-great-grandparents and the purchase of their farm at a sheriff’s auction during the Great Depression. Talk about sustainable farming! Now, she dives into every day with a cup always overflowing attitude and an eagerness to learn that keeps that sustainability alive.

Her Path to a Farming Legacy

Kasey’s agricultural journey starts from the day she was born. However, the path wasn’t exactly straight to where she is now. Growing up, she enjoyed 4-H and FFA but wasn’t as involved in the farm as she is now. Upon graduating high school, her father encouraged her to explore other aspects of business, like accounting, because the revenue wasn’t available yet on the farm.

So she did.

There, her passion grew, not for agriculture, but business.

But 10 years, later opportunity arose on the farm and she felt a calling to go back.

Now, she, her husband, her cousin, and his wife are all equal partners of Bryant Ag with her parents and aunt and uncle. She and her husband, Keith, are the managing partners.

Bryant Ag building and farm

Sustaining Yourself

When talking with Kasey, it was very evident that she knows you must sustain yourself first in order to be sustainable in other aspects of your life. She and Keith made a promise to each other that every day they would breathe life into one another because you are only promised today. By resting and always seeing the positives in life, she keeps herself sustainable so she can flourish and grow on the farm and for her family.

Keep Sustainability Simple

As far as agricultural sustainability goes, she keeps it simple: accept change and challenge yourself to work with people within and outside of the agriculture community to learn which best practices should be used on their farm.

She truly believes in giving back to the soil as much as it gives to you.

A John Deere combine cutting wheat in the summertime at harvest.

Her farm consists of 20,000 acres stretching over six counties consisting of wheat, soybeans, and corn. Their best practices include cover crops, reduced tillage, and utilizing new agronomist-suggested products.

Whether you are talking about sustainability in an agricultural sense or an everyday sense, Kasey has it perfected. I challenge you to live with the same attitude she does. And to keep yourself sustainable!

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